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Our Vision


We are passionate about being Christ’s church as a pillar of the South Windsor community.

We show our love and commitment to God through worship, spiritual growth and the way we express God’s love to each other and the world.

Here are some foundational ways we express our love,

and some quotes from members of our church family:


Spirit-filled worship services feature inspired preaching, engaging prayer and touching music.

“When I come here, I feel the peace of Christ infuse me.”

P. Delaney

Pastoral Care

Warm, supportive care is offered, celebrating in joy the highs of life, and compassion during times of struggle and transition.

“I can’t thank the congregation enough for all the meals, visits, phone calls and cards that poured in during my recent illness.   It meant the world to me and hastened my recovery.”

P. Kavanagh


Diverse opportunities for enjoying one another, making friends and fostering a sense of belonging.

“The passing of the peace in worship is an experience unlike any other.  This is the friendliest group of people, warm and caring.  It feels like family here.”

J. Collins

Spiritual Growth

Building Christian faith in children, youth, young adults, families and older adults.

“I love the participative, affirming, intimate circle of the Bible studies and Spiritual Life experiences.  I love connecting with others spiritually to share sacred things.”

C. Priest


We provide plentiful outreach opportunities for financial giving and engaging helping hands for the good of brothers and sisters locally, across the country and the world.

“Anything God calls you to do, you can do in this church.  You are given the support and resources needed to make ministry happen.”

L. Wallace

Music and Arts

We value quality and diverse musical and artistic faith expression through choir groups, soloist opportunities, our popular concert series and sacred dance.

“Our music director is knowledgeable, talented and supportive.  She makes music come alive at this church.”

J. Ewing

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