Building Usage and Rental

Wapping Community Church offers meeting and event space options for up to 275 people.

All rooms are handicapped accessible.


For information on building use, availability and requirements, please contact the Church Office, at 860-644-0833.


2nd Floor

Seating Capacity:  180 people seated

in pews

Available for:  Weddings, baptisms, funerals, and limited other Christian sacred/worship activities.


The Earle Smith Reception Room

1st Floor

Seating Capacity normally accommodates 10-15 people as furnished, maximum capacity is 30 people

Available for:  Intimate meetings of church sponsored groups, planning meetings for a wedding or funeral with clergy.

Fellowship Hall

& Kitchen

1st Floor

Seating Capacity:  80 seated, 150 people maximum capacity

Available for:  Meetings, receptions and parties. Fellowship Hall Kitchen may be rented with Fellowship Hall.

Community Room

& Kitchen

First Floor Gymnasium

Seating Capacity:  no ballons permitted

Community Room Kitchen may be rented with the Community Room.

Large Meeting Spaces

20 people maximum

Second Floor:  Youth Room

3rd Floor:  The Spirit Room/Art Room


Small Meeting Spaces

8 people maximum

Second Floor:  Library

3rd Floor:  Science Room