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There are two opportunities during the program year to formally join Wapping Community Church, in the fall and in the spring.

Two sessions are held, typically in the evening, led by the Sr. Pastor, prior to joining.  These sessions acquaint prospective members with the history, mission and ministries of the church.  Participants will also spend time getting to know their fellow new members and their faith stories.  Then on New Member Sunday, new members may join at either service, and are formally presented to the congregation and received into the life of Wapping Community Church.  A celebration cake follows during fellowship after the service.

860-644-0833, ext. 12

is happy to meet with prospective and new members at any time.  She will answer questions about the church’s many ministries and invite participation in specific church ministries, compatible with individual interests and gifts.

860-644-0833, ext. 11.

For more information on New Member classes.

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