Spiritual Resources

There are a variety of ways to receive inspiration and nurture your connection and

relationship with Christ.

Read or Listen to Sermons

Commune with Christ Through Meditative, Inspirational Music
Listen to Always There, by Secret Garden

at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uank0gwFgyE

Pray while you take a walk

Visit the Wapping Community Church Library located on the 2nd floor of the church. There are books in all genres containing thoughtful Christian messages.

More Resources

A Few Good Faith-filled Movies

  • The Encounter

  • The Christmas Candle

  • Ben-Hur

  • Henry Poole is Here

A Few Good Reads

  • The Shack

  • The Ultimate Gift

  • Five People You Meet in Heaven

  • The Christmas List

  • Unbroken

  • Golfing with God

Check out some of these authors offering books with a Christian message


  • Taylor Caldwell

  • Lloyd C. Douglas

  • Grace Livingston Hill

  • C. S. Lewis

  • George MacDonald

  • Catherine Marshall

  • Charles Sheldon

  • Charles Williams

  • Harold Bell Wright

Mystery & Suspense

  • Randy C. Alcorn

  • Sigmund Brouwer

  • Larry Burkett

  • William Cutrer

  • Rosey Dow & Andrew Snaden

  • Alton Gansky

  • Paul Meier & Robert Wise

  • Evelyn White Minshull

  • Gilbert Morris

  • Bill Myers

  • Catherine Palmer

  • Michael D. O’Brien

Contemporary Life

  • Deborah Bedford

  • James Scott Bell

  • Richard Paul Evans

  • Jan Karon

  • Karen Kingsbury

  • Frank Peretti


  • Melody Carlson

  • Karen Kingsbury

  • Beverly Lewis

  • Diane Noble

Historicals from Around the World

  • Gloria Howe Bremenkamp (Biblical)

  • Orson Scott Card (Biblical)

  • Marjorie Holmes (Biblical)

  • Judith Pella

  • Tracie Peterson

  • Denise J. Williamson

Short Stories

  • Patsy Clairmont

  • Katherine Anne Douglas

  • Tracie Peterson

  • James C. Schaap

  • Arnette Smith

  • Lori Wick

Black American Literature

  • Angela Benson

  • Sharon Ewell Foster

  • Linda Hudson-Smith

  • Victoria Christopher Murray

  • Clayton Sullivan

  • Jacquelin Thomas


  • Joseph F. Girzone

  • Don Hawkins

  • Calvin Miller

  • D. Brian Shafer