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Spiritual Resources


There are a variety of ways to receive inspiration and nurture your connection and

relationship with Christ.

Subscribe to a Daily Devotion at

Especially for Women, Proverb 31 Devotionals at

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Read or Listen to Sermons

Commune with Christ Through Meditative, Inspirational Music
Listen to Always There, by Secret Garden


Pray while you take a walk

Visit the Wapping Community Church Library located on the 2nd floor of the church. There are books in all genres containing thoughtful Christian messages.

More Resources

A Few Good Faith-filled Movies

  • The Encounter

  • The Christmas Candle

  • Ben-Hur

  • Henry Poole is Here

A Few Good Reads

  • The Shack

  • The Ultimate Gift

  • Five People You Meet in Heaven

  • The Christmas List

  • Unbroken

  • Golfing with God

Check out some of these authors offering books with a Christian message


  • Taylor Caldwell

  • Lloyd C. Douglas

  • Grace Livingston Hill

  • C. S. Lewis

  • George MacDonald

  • Catherine Marshall

  • Charles Sheldon

  • Charles Williams

  • Harold Bell Wright

Mystery & Suspense

  • Randy C. Alcorn

  • Sigmund Brouwer

  • Larry Burkett

  • William Cutrer

  • Rosey Dow & Andrew Snaden

  • Alton Gansky

  • Paul Meier & Robert Wise

  • Evelyn White Minshull

  • Gilbert Morris

  • Bill Myers

  • Catherine Palmer

  • Michael D. O’Brien

Contemporary Life

  • Deborah Bedford

  • James Scott Bell

  • Richard Paul Evans

  • Jan Karon

  • Karen Kingsbury

  • Frank Peretti


  • Melody Carlson

  • Karen Kingsbury

  • Beverly Lewis

  • Diane Noble

Historicals from Around the World

  • Gloria Howe Bremenkamp (Biblical)

  • Orson Scott Card (Biblical)

  • Marjorie Holmes (Biblical)

  • Judith Pella

  • Tracie Peterson

  • Denise J. Williamson

Short Stories

  • Patsy Clairmont

  • Katherine Anne Douglas

  • Tracie Peterson

  • James C. Schaap

  • Arnette Smith

  • Lori Wick

Black American Literature

  • Angela Benson

  • Sharon Ewell Foster

  • Linda Hudson-Smith

  • Victoria Christopher Murray

  • Clayton Sullivan

  • Jacquelin Thomas


  • Joseph F. Girzone

  • Don Hawkins

  • Calvin Miller

  • D. Brian Shafer

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