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Legacy Giving

What is legacy giving?

“Legacy Giving” is simply planning to make a difference, both for yourself and for a cause that you believe in, through a charitable gift. The goal of such gifts is to “leave a legacy” that can bless and sustain future generations.


How can I create a legacy for future generations at Wapping Community Church?

You can make a lasting difference in the life of Wapping Community Church and those it serves by including the church in your personal legacy giving plan. The Endowment Ministry was created specifically to build and manage an endowment for the perpetual benefit of Wapping Community Church and its ministries. The Endowment Ministry Group is happy to help anyone who wants more information about options for contributing assets to the Endowment Fund.

Who can create a legacy gift?

Is it a complicated process?

Any person, at any point in life, can create a legacy gift.  It can be as easy as naming a charity on the beneficiary form on a savings, checking or pension account, or through a more complex instrument like a charitable trust. You should seek the advice of an estate-planning professional when deciding which option(s) will best achieve your goals. No matter which instrument you choose, all gifts represent an influential and meaningful way to create a caring legacy.

A legacy gift can:

  • Provide a tax advantage (often the tax benefits are quite substantial)

  • Complete your goals for estate plans

  • Complement your most cherished lifestyle values

  • Support a cause you care about

If you have questions about how to create a lasting legacy for Wapping Community Church, or have already decided to take this important step in your estate planning, please contact the Church Office.

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